Are you wolf? What kind of wolf are you? What wolf are you?
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Are you wolf? What kind of wolf are you? What wolf are you?

Gray wolf

RESULT: Gray wolf

Gray wolf is one of the most dangerous animals. This wolf belongs to the dog family. The body length of this wolf is more than 120 cm. Qualities: Sociable, aggressive, powerful, caring, defender

Egyptian Wolf

RESULT: Egyptian Wolf

These wolves die out. The population of the wolf was greatly reduced due to hunting. The Egyptian god Anubis is usually depicted with the head of this Egyptian wolf. Brave, easily adaptable, experienced, energetic, hardworking

Arctic wolf

RESULT: Arctic wolf

Polar wolves have a light color with a silvery tint of coat color. This wolf reminds a large dog with sharp ears. It is a strong, clever and intelligent predator. Single, independent, isolated (protects its territory), rare

Red wolf

RESULT: Red wolf

A red wolf combines the external characteristics of a wolf jackal and a fox at the same time. Fast, very strong, secretive (almost invisible)

Steppe wolf

RESULT: Steppe wolf

These predators are very hardy. Wolves feed on ungulates (antelopes, saigas), hares, foxes, partridges in the steppes and deserts. Quiet, rarely aggressive, caring, noiseless